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At Beach Fit Personal Training we believe that with a little bit of guidance, you can reach your ultimate health and fitness goals and discover a better you.

Beach Fit Personal Training first opened in 2009 in the Newcastle region as a small, outdoor personal training business. Through word of mouth from raving clients that experienced exceptional results thanks to the committed and expert Beach Fit team, the business has grown dramatically to become one of the region’s leading personal training businesses. Thanks to the support of our clients and by refining the most efficient training techniques to ensure every client reaches their fitness, health and body-shape goals, we opened the doors to our fully equipped gym and dance studio in 2011.

After more than five years and 10,000 combined client training hours, we believe we know a thing or two about helping our clients to discover their dream body, fitness and wellbeing. We’re open longer than many other trainers, offer a broader spectrum of training types and our clients enjoy a family-like environment whenever they enter the door – it’s no wonder we’ve become one of Newcastle’s best personal training businesses.

Meet the Beach Fit Team

At Beach Fit Personal Training we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk too. Our Beach Fit Personal Trainers are the best of the best, we are not only passionate about staying on top of our education and the most effective training techniques, we spend our spare time trying new and alternative exercises to give you the best possible chance of reaching your goals. We’re fully qualified, insured and provide the highest standard of customer service and client care, because we are 100% dedicated to your dream of a Beach Fit body.



Personal Trainer

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Personal trainer Steve doing a box jump


- Bachelor of Exercise Physiology (Currently Completing)

- Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Coach (ASCA Level 1)

- Diploma in Fitness

- Cert III & Cert IV in Fitness

- Level 1 Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Trainer

- Senior First Aid

- Bachelor in Chemical Engineering

- Cert IV in Small Business Management


Stephen Hogan is a fitness guru and is dedicated to continuously improving his understanding of training techniques, body mechanics and exercise physiology. Steve is the owner of Beach Fit Dance and has more than five years experience as a Personal Trainer, during which time he has inspired and guided the body transformation of a myriad of clients along with state and Olympic level athletes.

Steve is a strong believer that every trainer should practice what they preach and know exactly what an exercise feels like and how the body physiologically responds to it before encouraging a client to do it. Steve is a recognised published author and has provided expert health and fitness advice to a national magazine and is also no stranger to the difficulties of maintaining a healthy and toned body while working long hours at a desk, something that he did for four years as a Chemical Engineer.

If you don’t find Steve going the extra mile to help a client achieve their goals, you’ll find him working on his own fitness and health, surfing or nose deep in an Exercise Physiology text book. No matter your goals, Steve is up to the challenge and is willing and ready to do whatever he can to make your dream come true. 




Personal Trainer

Zumba Instructor

Dance Teacher 


Personal Trainer Cherie doing pole fitness- Certificate IV in Fitness

- Cert III in Fitness

- Level 1 Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Trainer

- Certificate in Safe Dance Practice

- Zumba Instructors Certificate

- Senior First Aid

- Cert III in Childcare

- Certificate IV Small Business Management

- Certificate III in Business Administration


Cherie Chivers is a highly qualified personal trainer who lives by one philosophy – that exercise is for everyone and should be made fun and enjoyable. Cherie has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years and, in addition to her skills in discovering your perfect body through personal training, has been teaching a diverse range of dancing styles, including Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Zumba, for more than a decade.

Cherie is a fitness enthusiast who focuses on the needs, goals and abilities of each individual so as to provide the best possible pathway to a Beach Fit body, while ensuring you enjoy the experience. When Cherie isn’t instructing, you’ll find her either training herself or choreographing a dance for Beach Fit Dance.


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About the Studio

Beach Fit Personal Training is a personal training and strength and conditioning studio located in Newcastle, Australia.

Beach Fit has been operating for over 8 yrs and knows how to take your body from where it is to where you want it to be. RESULTS GUARANTEED.

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