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10 Week Transformation - Part 2

Written by Steve
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I’m sure you’re all hanging out to hear how I did my transformation so you can apply a few tips yourself, so here goes. I did the transformation a little different then what you would call typical. I was pretty confident that I could make the changes I wanted so decided to turn the process into a bit of an experiment.

I decided whilst I was super motivated and focused I wanted to test a few different diets and exercise protocols and see just what affect they had on my body and what results could be achieved with them. As generally when I set myself on a goal my focus is pretty unwavering so I knew what ever crazy protocol I gave myself I knew I’d be able to give it a proper go. So I decided I was going to change my diet and the exercise protocol approximately every fortnight. This way I could test out a whole bunch of training methods and diets get a feel for them and also would be able to give feedback to you guys on my opinion of the different things I tried. As you could imagine I get asked about a different diet or exercise program every other day and it’s great when I have some first-hand experience to give you my opinion.

To make this experiment a little more accurate I decided I wanted to track my results. In order to this I would weigh myself daily, measure bodyfat weekly and take weekly selfies. I do realise though even with my regular monitoring of body changes I was breaking the number rule of experiments, that is only manipulate one variable at a time. I was manipulating two both diet and training but I was kind of matching the diet and exercise programs so they complimented each other. So before picking the diets and the training protocols first thing is, I had to decide on a goal.

I decided getting lean by itself wouldn’t be enough but I also wanted to get fitter put a bit more strength and more size back on and all in 10 weeks. I lost a lot of muscle and fitness throughout 2016 with a run of injuries including a sub-luxated shoulder, a sprained ankle and inflamed rib cartilage (costo-condritis) which had kept me from training with much more than a couple of kilos for 6 months not to mention starting a new family and a plethora of uni work.

So now that I had decided on the goals and a timeline I had to decide what diets and what training programs. For the diets I decided I would try intermittent fasting (16/8 diet), basic calorie restriction, a low carb and a ketogenic diet. As for exercise I decided I’d try the Squat, Bench and Deadlift Everyday (it’s a Dan John program), a simple bodybuilding style split routine, a heavy 5x5, a metabolic conditioning style training ( think crossfit’esque style) and a hybrid style which I’ll explain later.

So over the next few posts I’ll write up a rundown on what I found and what I think of each of the diets and training programs I tried. Feel free to ask me any questions as I’m sure there’ll be things I leave out or questions you guys have that I don’t think of. Also let me know if you think there were any other diets or training programs you think I should have given a go.

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