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Sharon Transformation

Meet Sharon

Sharon dropped an awesome 19 kg in 28 weeks, becoming the ideal role model for her daughter. Sharon slimmed down a huge 13 cm off her stomach, 16 cm off her hips and 14cm off EACH of her thighs! Tell me you wouldn't love those results too!

Sharon was your typical hard working mum, spending long hours at work everyda,y then coming home to cook and look after the family. Doing this day-in, day-out for years eventually took its toll.

Sharon decided it was time to change. She walked through the Beach Fit Personal Training Studio doors where she was greeted with big smiles, understanding and a desire to help and teach. Sharon walked out the doors 7 months later happy, healthy and over 20% lighter having lost over 19kg in 7 months. Now that's results!!



Tom Transformation

Meet Tom

Tom got ripped! In just 9 short months, Tom went from never having lifted a weight to trading fat for muscle. Cutting 13kg of fat from his body and shedding a huge 21cm off his waist, Tom was ecstatic with his results. How would you like to get a body like Tom?

When Tom first came in he said "I've never had a six pack, I want to get muscles and want to get ripped." When Tom started, he weighed almost 100kg and had never touched a weight. When Tom walked out, he weighed 85.9kg was an expert at weight training, eating to put on muscle and eating to get shredded. 



Chris Transformation

Meet Chris

Chris is the prime example of just because you've been "the bigger guy all your life" doesn't mean you have to stay that way. Chris lost a whopping 22kgs and went down from snug fitting XXL clothing and shopping in the specialty section of shopping centres to M clothing and being able to shop anywhere he wants. Now that's a big deal! Could you imagine having that freedom?

The odds were stacked against Chris having always been a bigger guy, working primarily a desk job and spending lots of hours on the road travelling for work. However, Chris had a new family on the way and the desire to be a good role model for his new family so dedicated himself to kicking the bad habits and learning to enjoy his new-found lifestyle.

Quoting Chris, "I'd like to thank Steve for the massive impact he has had on my fitness and diet over the last 12 months, turning me from an uncomfortable 112kg to just over 90kg now. I think this is the lightest and leanest I've been since I was 12!!"



Nat Transformation

Meet Nat

Nat lost an incredible 22 kg in 27 weeks and dropped two dress sizes. Losing 6.2 cm off her arms, 8.1 cm off her thighs, 16 cm off her stomach and an amazing 20cm off her hips, Nat was all set to get married in style!

"I have had so much fun training with Beach Fit and would have no hesitations recommending them to anyone.

I greatly appreciate all that they have done for me in the time that I trained with them and know that I would not have been as happy with the way my wedding photos came out if I had not trained with them. Not only did they help me to look as good as I did on my big day but they have helped me to get my life and energy back. I would not have been able to achieve the results I did without their encouragement, motivation and help.

Thankyou for everything and I will work my hardest to keep on track with achieving the goals that we have set for me."






Mitch Transformation

Meet Mitch | Small Group Body Building

Mitch gained 6.4kg of muscle in his first 7 weeks and a total of 9.3kg in his first 12 weeks. Including 4.7cm on each bicep, 2.3cm on each thigh and a whopping 8.5cm on his chest. 

Mitch had trained sporadically for a number of years before starting training with Beach Fit Personal Training’s small group bodybuilding sessions. At his first weigh-in, Mitch weighed 69.2 kg and had approximately 12% body-fat.

After only 7 weeks with Beach Fit personal training Mitch had gained 10.7 kg, now weighing in at 79.9kg with approximately 14% body-fat. 



Trish Transformation

Meet Trish

Trish lost 10 kg in 19 weeks and completely transformed her body. Losing 3.9 cm off her arms, 3.2 cm off her thighs, 7.5 cm off her hips and an awsome 8.9cm off her stomach!!! Trish was turning heads every where she went after just a few weeks of training. How would you like to transform like Trish?

Trish had gained a few extra kilos since leaving school, discovering the 20-somethings party life and starting full time work behind a desk. Sound familiar?  Trish decided it was time to loose the extra kilos - no imminent deadlines, no large events coming up, she just wanted to get back to looking her best. She well and truely did after learning how to eat right and still enjoy the 20-something life without going overboard.





"Thanks to Stephen at Beach Fit Personal Training; I really enjoyed your small group training. It worked well for me because I came from a very unfit background and lacked enthusiasm. I appreciate your help in finding a low impact way for me to improve. I had tried going to gyms many times without much success but the small group really worked for me.

The programs were very well set out and the mix up of workouts was great, I had fun and found the time just flew by.

I am eating healthier and working out 3-4 times per week now. I am stoked at the great results, not only my new weight and muscle but my lower back aches are no longer and my overall health is much better. I love that I can now go for a bike ride with my son and enjoy it. 

I have never been a runner but now am finding myself going for morning runs regularly, thanks for your patience at getting me to this level.

Thanks for the new energy you gave not only to me, but also my family as well. We all have a healthier lifestyle now."

-  Bec (Small Group Training), Newcastle



"Steve tailors his sessions to the individuals attending and their goals. Each session is unique and it varies so much there is never a chance of getting bored. In 6 months we have done sessions ranging from ironman style races on the beach complete with surfski, sand dune running, running over Stockton bridge, free weights, agility style courses, kettle bells and boxing.

I have joined gyms before but quickly lost interest as there was no motivation to keep going back. I find Steve's training sessions challenging and even painful but they are always fun and I find myself looking forward to the next one just as soon as I have recovered from the previous.

You get a lot of personal attention from Steve that you can't get at a gym, even in the group sessions there are never so many people that you find yourself lost in the crowd." 

- Mel & Ryan (Bootcamp), Newcastle

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