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"You cannot dream yourself into character; You must hammer and forge yourself one"
Henry David Thoreau
At Beach Fit the way we train is what sets us apart.

We don't believe in a single best training method. When you focus too much on one you miss out on the rest. Yoga, HIIT, steady state cardio, strength training, metabolic conditioning all have there benefits. That's why we believe the best training method is a blend of all of them, taking the best parts of each and leaving the rest behind.

Our training aims to maximise fitness, whilst restoring your posture and improving movement patterns for happy joints and long term health, not just a short term goal.
Run when you can. Walk when you have to. Crawl if you must.


Sharon was your typical hard working mum. Long work hours, only to come home to cook and look after the family. Doing this day-in, day-out took its toll on her waistline.

Training with Beach Fit Sharon dropped 19 kg in 28 weeks, and became a role model for her daughter. 

Mitch had trained sporadically for a number of years before starting with Beach Fit. At his first weigh-in, Mitch weighed 69.2 kg and had approximately 12% body-fat.

After only 7 weeks Mitch gained 6.4kg of muscle and 9.3kg after 12 weeks.

"I greatly appreciate all that they (Beach Fit) have done for me in the time that I trained with them and know that I would not have been as happy with the way my wedding photos came out if I had not trained with them. Not only did they help me to look as good as I did on my big day but they have helped me to get my life and energy back. I would not have been able to achieve the results I did without their encouragement, motivation and help."

Nat transformed her body for her wedding and lost an incredible 22 kg in 27 weeks, dropping two dress sizes.

"I'd like to thank Steve for the massive impact he has had on my fitness and diet over the last 12 months, turning me from an uncomfortable 112kg to just over 90kg now. I think this is the lightest and leanest I've been since I was 12!!"

When we first met Tom he said "I've never had a six pack, I want to get muscles and want to get ripped." 

He was almost 100kg when he started and had never touched a weight. After a few short months, Tom weighed 85.9kg and had an experts weight training and nutrition knowledge.

Trish had slowly been putting on weight since starting a desk job. She decided it was time to do something about it. No imminent deadlines, no large events coming up, she just wanted to get back to looking her best. She well and truely did losing 10 kg in 19 weeks and completely transforming her body and fitness.

Meet Our Team

StevePersonal Trainer and Fitness Nerd
A dedicated fitness nerd and multi-sport athlete
JeniPersonal Trainer and Mum
A boxing instructor, a kettlebell enthusiast and a competitive triathlete.
SammPersonal Trainer and Nutritionist
A lover of cardio training and all things food related.

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Beach Fit Personal Training is a personal training and strength and conditioning studio located in Newcastle, Australia.

Beach Fit has been operating for over 8 yrs and knows how to take your body from where it is to where you want it to be. RESULTS GUARANTEED.

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